If we want to face the urgent ecological and social challenges of our time, we need to change how we design.
We want to design life-friendly relations:
  – relations towards oneself,   
  – relations between people,
  – relations to our fellow life-forms.

Design is a cultural activity. Our thoughts about the world become tangible reality. Currently, the dominant drivers in design are about money and technology.
What are the values that can drive life-friendly design?
We have 15 ideas.

Pauline Alt
Maria Bermúdez Elsinger
Fynn Frederic Eckstein
Katharina Elleke
Sophie Engert
Manuel Erhard
Fabian Essigkrug
Christopher Gros
Jessica Guy
Julien David Hoffmann
Yasin Ittlinger
Philip Junk
Regina Schröter
Emily Strowitzki
Tobias Trübenbacher

Mentoring: Professor Ralph Ammer

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